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Attending a blockchain and / or cryptocurrency conference can be a valuable educational experience and a group work opportunity, while having a positive impact on your career, business, and life.

Events can help you better understand what is currently happening in the world of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology, know what is to come and can also help you discover new opportunities as an entrepreneur or investor.

Bit2Me Agenda helps you locate the events about cryptocurrencies and Blockchain that are going to be organized around the world, so you do not miss any opportunity.

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Accessible for the whold world: completely free

A handcrafted list for all events. We ensure that events meet our quality standards.

We offer this service for free because we love to promote the culture and movement of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology with the aim that this revolution reaches all corners.


Global: In your town or anywhere in the world

If it is a quality event, you will find it on Bit2Me Agenda. Should you be at home knowing that there is a revolutionary event just around the corner? Leave your comfort zone!

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Multiple views

Multiple views

In order to facilitate the search for interesting events, we list all events in 3 different views.

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Detallada description

In the event details you will find all the information you may need:

  • Complete description
  • Address
  • Videos / Presentation poster
  • Location
  • Import to Google Calendar
  • Weather forecast
Alerts or Notifications

Advanced functionalities: configurable reminders

You can now configure alerts for your favorite events. Just subscribe and receive a notification in your inbox when the time comes.

How to do this?

  1. Enter the details, see the event that interests you
  2. Click the reminder icon, on the right of the title
  3. Fill in the form and send it
  4. That's all!

Stay up to date with Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrency events

Bit2Me Agenda is a service updated daily by a dedicated Bit2Me team. The team works filtering and enhancing the most notable events.

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