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Buy and sell real estate with Bitcoin

Bit2Me Real Estate OTC is a financial service designed to facilitate the sale of real estate with Bitcoin through specialized real estate agencies.

360° Solution for your property: legal, fiscal and commercial

Our offer

Exclusive service that guarantees all parties the correct execution of the sale contract.

Real Estate OTC allows to carry out and facilitate, through the use of Bitcoin, as a means of payment, the acquisition or sale of any type of property, in national territory, through our network of specialized real estate agencies.

Bit2Me, in collaboration with Notary Public, offer a unique contract, which guarantees the viability of the operation, using Bitcoin as a means of payment at the legal, fiscal and commercial levels.

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How it works

In just three simple steps

How it works
Contract and deed
1 Contract and deed

Reading of contract and agreement between the parties to make the sale under a single contract, designed in public deed by Bit2me and notary, and with Bitcoin as a means of payment.

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2 Pay with Bitcoin

Bitcoins transmission through the use of an electronic wallet. Conversion, if applicable, to fiat currency, through the OTC service with the Bit2Me financial guarantee.

3 Finalization

Public deed concluded between the parties and signed by the notary, publicly attesting to the established agreement, which concludes with the commercial contract.

Buy or sell your property now with Bitcoin

Faced with this new system of sale and purchase, through Bitcoin, the parties are not subject to interbank expenses nor to the time factor, since transactions through Bitcoin reduce time drastically, especially in international transfers.

For the first time you will be able to buy and sell homes with Bitcoin in a simple way and completely legal

Know all the advantages

High liquidity

High liquidity

Ability to cover real estate of any value. Specialized in luxury properties.

Zero Risk

Zero Risk

The entire process is supervised by a notary public, registered with the Spanish Notary College.



We reserve the price of bitcoin, avoiding fluctuations. Guaranteed before a notary.



We facilitate the sale in the same time as a conventional operation.

Privacy and protection

Privacy and protection

Compliance with the privacy of the parties. Data protection LPD BOE-A-2018-16673.

No commissions

No commissions

We carry out the transaction from Bitcoin to Euro or Dollar, at no extra cost to the parties.

International access

International access

Legal guarantee before a notary public allowing risk-free access to international clients.

Innovation and positioning

Innovation and positioning

This innovative mechanism allows you to be at the forefront, positioning you as a pioneer worldwide.



Bit2Me se encarga del intercambio para que recibas euros de forma transparente.

Investment and savings

Investment and savings

The seller can keep the bitcoins as savings or for future investment purposes.

Increased sales

Increased sales

Increase the number of operations, encouraging the entry of foreign capital.

New possibilities

New possibilities

Do you want to tokenize your house and sell it in pieces generating dividends? Let's talk!

We are transparent

Bit2Me guarantee

Pioneers and regulated

Since 2014, Bit2Me is a pioneer company specialized in financial technology. With a deep knowledge of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The funds contributed by our users will be deposited in a special account of our partners. More information.

Great professional team

Our team is made up of more than 30 experts in different areas, being one of the most versatile teams of professionals in the world. We are endorsed by awards and worldwide recognition: VISA Fintech Americas, Best Startup by Caixabank, Guests of Honor by the United Kingdom, mentoring at the European Commission, etc.

Collaborations on TV, radio and press

Hundreds of mentions on TV, radio, press: NBC, TVE, Cuatro, Cadena SER, Intereconomía, Expansión, El Mundo, El País, etc. We help millions of people every year. Since 2014 Bit2Me has managed hundreds of millions of euros, with a current cryptocurrency price valuation of over 1 trillion euros.

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